Explorers of Hope

In Search For Asiatic Cheetah

What's this all about?

"Explorers of Hope" are in search of information about Asiatic Cheetahs in places never observed. This will happen outside of the protected areas, with the help of local residents. Population monitoring results are very concerning in cheetah habitats, and in some of them, breeding and new individuals are no longer to be seen. This team is "hoping" to find cheetahs in new places throughout this project.

Are you concerned as well?

Join us!

If you are also concerned about the situation of Asiatic Cheetahs in Iran, feel free to give your share and contribute to the project

How will the Explorers of Hope group work?

Receiving local reports

Determining their accuracy

Traveling to reported places

Collecting evidence

Reporting the result

Latest Posts

Recent blog posts on our explores and Cheetah

New habitats to be surveyed for Cheetah presence

Habitats of Khorasan Razavi province have always had confirmed reports of the presence of Asiatic Cheetah. Data on the presence of this species have...

The camera trapping procedure in Miandasht wildlife refuge

Throughout the camera trapping procedure (July-November 2019) no images of cheetahs were recorded in Miandsasht (North-Khorasan province)- a habitat that has had breeding in...

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